subtitle turnaround time -vs- quality of transcription


This draft is published on November 2nd 2011. It is likely that changes will be made to improve the quality or detail of this post.

editing time per segment transcript quality notes
0 minutes Poor: unintelligible, unsuitable for publication No human editing at all. Pure draft machine-generated transcription.
~1 minute Acceptable: Suitable for keyword searching, unsuitable for subtitles One pass without correction. Listen through realtime, remove misrecognised words as found, insert punctuation.
3 minutes Good: Suitable for subtitles, rarely but sometimes unintelligible. One pass with correction. Correct misrecognised words, insert punctuation. No paraphrasing, no grammatical checks.
10 minutes Excellent: Suitable for standalone transcripts Two passes. First pass to correct misrecognised words and add punctuation. Second time to paraphrase and check for grammatical errors.

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