more changes to uweAudioSegmentation

Following on from this earlier post I've spent most of this morning changing the way uweAudioSegmentation monitors a dropbox for m4a and mp3 files. I have also included the (hacky) subtitle exporting process previously mentioned in this post. This process allows exporting of SRT subtitle files based on the timecoding that took place during audio segmentation.

Previously the segmentation process was invoked by using a PHP web interface to monitor recently uploaded files and manually configuring the segmentation parameters (e.g. split point timecode detection, file description). Now the process is automatic from the moment the files are placed in the dropbox - with sensible defaults being used instead of manual entry.

(In some cases I re-wrote this new stuff from scratch - but only due to my ineptitude with rolling back changes with git/github after a mishap - ho ho!)

View the github repositories here.

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    Good stuff!