Scratchscape tests in St.Andrews Park - bristol

Marc posted these image earlier (, explaining the layout we've chosen to use whereby triggered by a grid of zones. So today me and ralph went to St.Andrews park in Bristol to try out a "scratchscape".

stacked base layer image from marc evenly spaced grid of 36 zones in a 6 by 6 configuration

...and Ralph sent these wise words in an email

On 13 May 2011 11:40, Ralph Hoyte <> wrote:
> Yope
> we should build a scratchscape to test the structure as a first step!
> Remember: first step in scape construction is see how/whether
> it works, don't wait till you've got what you think will work
> (then it don't!). we went to St.Andrews Park in Bristol to check out the grid-layout as well as some more alternative layouts.

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